Customer Podcast: Through a Therapist's Eyes

April 18, 2019

We are partnering with Helper customer, Chris Gazdik, to sponsor his weekly podcast named Through a Therapists's Eyes starting with Episode 28

Subscribe and check out the history of Chris’s podcasts for an interesting dialog, particularly Episode 9 about Technology Anxiety which we refer to in our sponsorship.

The latest podcasts discussing the Opioid Epidemic are now LIVE: Episode 29 and Episode 30

Episode 31 explores your job and your mental health.

Episode 32 and Episode 33 include an interviews with sleep expert Dr. Calvin Stafford on the affect of sleep on mental health.

Episode 34 discusses Parenting through the unique lens of David Shaw

Episode 35 centers around the impact of Social Media on mental wellness.  This also features a brief conversation about OrderConnect, our ePrescribing solution, at the 35:05 mark.