Helper v9.6.3

October 01, 2020

After much discussion and planning we have decided to include all the recommended enhancements that you voted for!
  • Updated Report with Patient Names and Diagnosis and Procedure Codes
  • Add a Column for Modifiers on Superbills and Patient Bills
  • Adding an "active insurance only" option for running a Patient List/Phone Book Report
  • Create a Report showing patients that do not have appointment reminders enabled
And a few more!
  • BCBS of Louisiana ERA fix for secondary claims
  • New Place Of Service of 02 for Telehealth
  • And one that will make several customers cheer audibly I believe - allow everyone a choice to opt out of using Box 26 for ERAs and replace with Patient Account Numbers as they previously were

If you are not currently a Support customer but are interested in renewing, please reach out to to find out how to be eligible for 9.6.3.