News January 17, 2019

January 17, 2019

+myHelper Update (our web-based cloud solution)

In an effort to keep the communication lines open, we will document progress toward the launch of myHelper here.

For an updated preview of myHelper, enter the Support site and view the video!  Once you enter your credentials, find "myHelper Demonstration" link under Videos for Assurance Support Customers.

In correlation with last week's ClaimsConnect survey results, we are preparing for how to take advantage of Eligibility Checking in myHelper.  We found that this project already had some momentum behind it in other areas of the company and will look to incorporate this valuable feature into our design.
If you have new feature ideas or questions about myHelper, please send a message to:

+Helper Health Information Exchange (HIE) - State Medicaid requirements

We have heard from a handful of our North Carolina clients who are impacted but want to make sure we heard from all providers who are subject to local reporting requirements for Medicaid funding.  If you are a provider that accepts payments from your state's Medicaid or from another state-sponsored health care fund, this message applies to you.  Netsmart is ramping up connectivity to State HIEs through the Carequality network.  The Helper team will be leveraging the work done to allow our Helper customers meet the compliance requirements.  Please reach out to with the subject line HIE to sign up for further communication on this topic. release

We are reviewing the final layout for and wanted to give you a preview of what's to come.  Some of the key features include:
     - Updated Documentation Searching
     - FAQ section
     - Access to the archive of Helper Thursdays

We look forward to rolling out the new and improved website!

+Helper Football Showdown - KC vs NE

Pardon us if the team is a little distracted with the football game coming up this next weekend.  The New England Patriots are coming to town to play the Kansas City Chiefs to battle for the right to represent the AFC.  The winners get the glory and the losers will have to post an embarrassing video here for the next Helper Thursday message.  Steve (not pictured), Bill, and Rich are pulling for the veteran Patriots.  Liz, Melissa, Chris, David, and Derrick want the Chiefs to knock off the Pats!  Let us know who you are cheering for!