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ClaimsConnect:ClaimsConnect is our powerful and easy to use electronic billing solution, featuring a fully HIPAA compliant means to accelerate the accuracy and speed in which you are reimbursed.

Manage the Entire Claims Process: ClaimsConnect securely manages the entire claim and billing process, from sending claims electronically, to receiving electronic remittance (ERA) and sending electronic patient statements.

Easy to Use: ClaimsConnect is fully integrated with Helper software and it only takes a few simple steps to send claims electronically.

Increase Efficiency: Submitting claims with ClaimsConnect reduces payment processing time by ensuring you are meeting the latest requirements of your payors, virtually eliminating claim rejection.

HIPAA Compliant: Sending claims electronically with ClaimsConnect is fully HIPAA compliant, so you can be confident that your patient data is secure.

Increase Cash Flow: By reducing the time to submit claims and potentially resubmit those with errors, you get paid quicker and never worry about missing claim submission deadlines.

More than Claims Management: Our Electronic Remittance Advice will automatically attribute insurance payments to the respective patient charges, removing the hassle of manually applying payments for multiple patients.

Added Benefits: ClaimsConnect also offers the ability to automatically generate and send patient statements, saving you the time of printing and mailing them yourself.

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