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Helper Practice Management Counseling Software


Helper: Software for Today's Counseling Practice


Helper provides the most complete practice management, claims processing and online continuing education solution designed for counselors. The Helper suite consists of practive management software created for the workflow of a counselor and provides access to essential business tools that make everyday operations run smoother and more efficiently. Helper also includes software designed to help manage invoicing, credit card processing and more.

Within minutes of installing and launching Helper, you'll begin to see how it can effectively manage your scheduling and billing activities. Find out why over 18,000 professionals have chosen Helper to run their practice!

    Counseling Software Practice Management

Helper Counseling Software - Powerful. Reliable. Affordable.


Helper Practice Management software is designed to meet the unique needs of counselors and their staff as they run day to day business operations. All areas of therapy require an acute attention paid to detail when it comes to matters of patient security, privacy and safety. Helper software allows you and your staff to focus on caring for your patients.

Learn how Helper can help your Counseling Practice run smoothly.

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    Counseling practice claims management

ClaimsConnect Productivity Delivered


Electronic Claims, Electronic Statements and Electronic Remittance Advice will help your practice drive real business results. This software is developed exclusively for therapists, including counselors, and the unique demands of their practices.
(Formerly named SecureConnect)

Learn how Claims Connect can efficiently manage your Claims

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    Credit Card Processing for Counseling practices

Helper counseling software includes:
Expedite! Credit Card Processing. Expedite! makes payment completion easier for you and your clients.


Credit Card Processing makes life easier for patients, administrators and counselors. This convenience allows you and your staff to put your attention where it belongs - your patients.
Learn how Expedite can manage your Credit Card processing.

    Netsmart University: Online Learning for Counselors

myLearningPointe. Access hundreds of online courses in behavioral healthcare.


myLearningPointe is a web-based training program, including counseling training software that is designed to allow you and your staff to provide more effective treatment. The software includes a comprehensive learning management system which was designed with counselors in mind.
Learn about Practice Management in myLearningPointe
.Course Catalog


“My practice got really busy and I found myself swimming in paperwork and I started falling behind in billing. After I became nearly $16,000 behind in billing and I started to lose revenue due to late submission, I realized I had to do something quickly. Now Therapist Helper does all of that for me in a fraction of the time.”
Peter J Paterno

Automate your practice today with Helper Practice Management Software and start processing patient and insurance billing transactions accurately, tracking payments, producing statements, scheduling, submitting electronic claims, tracking managed care authorizations, ensuring HIPAA compliance and more in no time at all!