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Electronic Prescription, better known as e-Prescribing, is the use of a computer based system that can electronically transmit prescriptions and store medication information. E-prescription technology is leading the healthcare industry and can have a significant positive impact on the efficiency of your practice and the safety of your patients.

InfoScriber is a secure, HIPPA compliant, web-based electronic prescription software solution that can be integrated with your Helper Practice Management software or used as a standalone system.

Easy e-Prescribing: Get started right away, InfoScriber is extremely intuitive and our included training takes only a few hours.

Access Medication Information: InfoScriber is completely web-based, so it is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection. Where ever you are you can pull up your patients’ complete medication histories.

Single Click Prescriptions: Once you have logged into the secure website, you can prescribe and order refills in a couple clicks of a mouse.

Live and Current Interaction Checking: With built-in and regularly updated drug to drug and drug to food interaction checking, along with allergy and pregnancy alerts, InfoScriber gives you real time prescription assistance.

Connected to your Local Pharmacies: InfoScriber is in the national SureScriptsTM network. SureScriptsTM operates the country’s largest electronic prescribing network. The SureScriptsTM network is used every day by thousands of physicians, pharmacists and payers to securely, electronically process prescriptions and share prescription information.

Access for Non-Prescribers: InfoScriber has options so that even non-prescribers can enter the medications a patient is taking, which gives you their full clinical profile and medication history.

Reduce Errors: Reduced possibility of medication errors, reduced pharmacy call backs, increases productivity, and no worries about data backup!

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