Anti-Virus Software Quarantining Helper files

August 07, 2020

For Helper customers who use anti-virus software, you should be aware that these programs can misdiagnose Helper files as a virus threat.  If this should happen, it is relatively straight forward to fix. Links to the fixes for some of the more common anti-virus programs are included below.


McAfee restoring quarantined files link

Malwarebytes restoring quarantined files link

Norton Anti-Virus restoring quarantined files link

Avast Antivirus restoring quarantined files link


If you want to avoid this issue going forward, you can exclude these folders from scanning process (also known as whitelisting).  Here are the file/path locations you should plan to exclude:


C:\Program Files (x86)\netsmart\helper

C:\Program Data\netsmart\helper\data  (FYI: this may be a hidden folder)


C:\Program Files (x86)\ClaimsConnect

C:\Program Data\vantagemed\claimsconnect\data  (FYI: this may be a hidden folder.)


Should you have any issues with restoring or whitelisting your Helper files for your anti-virus software, please contact Support at 800-343-5737.