Industry Leading Practice Management Software

More than 20,000 providers worldwide have entrusted their practice’s financial needs to Helper.

Helper Software Includes

Integrated with e-Prescribing

Helper is integrated with our OrderConnect solution, which offers the full clinical record and electronic prescription.

Real-Time Ledger Views

Get a handle on your practice with instantly-viewable ledgers that provide an accurate real-time view of payments oustanding and received.

Robust Security

HIPAA compliance is a worry of the past with Helper's powerful security and privacy safeguards that protects all patient data.

Setup for Solo and Multi-Provider Practice

Helper is a networkable solution able to accommodate practices of any size, and has robust scheduling features designed specifically to handle one or more providers.

The Most Standard Features

A robust scheduling engine designed for solo or multi-provider practices, the option to submit claims electronically, intuitive billing and general management features, plus much more comes standard with Helper!


Helper is a Windows-based application providing a familiar installation experience. It is fully compliant with all supported Microsoft™ platforms and can export directly into Microsoft Excel™. Helper is also configurable to use on a Mac.

Our Psychiatrist specific version of Helper also offers

Multiple Procedure Billing

With the ability to assign multiple service codes to a single encounter, Helper is set up for the specific workflow of a psychiatrist. At any time, you can pull up previously saved appointments and see all of the associated procedure codes.