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We know your time is valuable. That's why we're pleased to provide Helper Assurance Plan members with Online Assistance. With your permission, Helper Customer Support experts connect to your computer to see exactly what you see, diagnose the problem, provide you with the help you need, and get you back to your practice quickly. Online Assistance cuts call times in half! Look for more support resources in the future.

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Data Conversion Services

We also offer a full range of data conversion services. You can choose to migrate just your patient demographic data or a full set of data including tables such as insurance companies, referring providers, facilities, providers and startup patient balances. We will work with you to help you move your data from your old system to Helper so you can be productive with Helper as quickly as possible.

The last and perhaps most important startup process focuses on ensuring your electronic transactions process works properly so your insurance payments continue flowing into your practice. We have extensive expertise in this area as our systems process over 7 million electronic claims per year and know that cash flow is the most important result of our Helper Software.

Statement of Version Support

In an ongoing effort to provide high-quality customer support, Netsmart Technologies periodically sunsets (also known as retiring) older versions of Therapist Helper, discontinuing live support and most business services for those versions. Sunsetting older versions of Therapist Helper enables us to focus resources on supporting more current versions of Helper, which are used by the vast majority of customers.

Live support for Therapist Helper versions prior to Version 9.6 was discontinued effective December 30th, 2021. If you have a current support contract and are on a version of Therapist Helper prior to 9.6, please upgrade in order to maintain your eligibility for live support.