News March 14, 2019

March 14, 2019 Update Overview

On Monday, February 25th we went live with a new look for the Helper website!  To walk through some of the new features, play the video on the website front page next to the "What we do" section.

+myHelper Update (our web-based cloud solution)

In an effort to keep the communication lines open, we will document progress toward the launch of myHelper here.
For an updated preview of myHelper, you can view the video on the myHelper page on our website!  
We have started reaching out to some of our private-pay customers to gauge interest in assisting with more testing myHelper with Superbills and other billing features.
If you have new feature ideas or questions about myHelper, please send a message to:
+Helper Billing Services
Who should consider using Helper for Billing Services?  You should if you:
  1. recently lost your billing expert
  2. are doing your own billing and you'd like to stop
  3. are doing your own billing and are losing money by not following up on secondary claims
  4. are doing your own billing and have lost revenue due to untimely filing
Our rate structure reflects the money you collect not just what we bill for you. To request information, go to the Billing Services page on our website.

+Helper Census

We are working to ensure we have your pertinent contact information updated for our records.  So if you have changed locations, phone numbers or personnel in the last 2 years, please send any updates to
Also, when you call into Support we will be asking you to verify your Specialty/Discipline (Counseling, Psychology, Social Work, etc.) so we can continue to adapt our Support to your needs.