News March 28, 2019

March 28, 2019

+More Website Info - Update Overview
Earlier this month, Netsmart released a new version of the corporate website with a new page dedicated to the Helper solution.  Check it out to see how Helper ties into Netsmart's overall vision!
+myHelper Update (our web-based cloud solution)
In an effort to keep the communication lines open, we will document progress toward the launch of myHelper here.
For an updated preview of myHelper, you can view the video on the myHelper page on our website!  
We are opening up the test environment to larger organizations to help test the functionality for practices of all sizes.
If you have new feature ideas or questions about myHelper, please send a message to:
+Helper Tips - ClaimsConnect
We have posted some tips for clients that have added ClaimsConnect (our Electronic Billing Solution) to improve their billing processes.

+Helper Billing Services
What clients do we see taking advantage of our Billing Services?  Clients who:
  1. recently lost their billing expert
  2. are doing their own billing and would like to stop
  3. are doing their own billing and are losing money by not following up on secondary claims
  4. are doing their own billing and have lost revenue due to untimely filing
Our rate structure is calculated based on what is deposited in your account, not just the invoices submitted on your behalf. To request information, go to the Billing Services page on our website.